a) The ad hoc group of experts repeats the recommendations made back in 2015, stressing the urgency of taking measures to reinforce the sections of the terrace that are most likely to sustain damage.
b) The ad hoc group of experts also recommends that a survey be made behind the bearing wall of the Terrace of the Elephants and come up with a precise elevation of the wall all along the top, including its shape, the materials used, as well as the makeup of the backfill, and that the drainage problem be addressed. It would also be good to cover up the main crevasses in the terrace’s upper section to keep the damage from worsening.

c) As in 2015, the group of experts stresses the urgency of making a thorough study of rainwater runoff and of the drainage system that seems to have become inoperative. This should yield a clear picture of the sanitary condition, showing where water is getting in as well as the possible presence of salts, in line with the hydrographic and network study to be conducted on the terrace of the palace.
d) The ad hoc group of experts recommends that the GACP team be included in the analysis of the causes of scaling and dilution of some parts of the old and new block work on the upper section of the terrace and to treat the areas subject to degradation.