The group of experts recommends:
a) That new stones be prepared to replace missing or badly deteriorated stones, a major job at the current stage of restoration. The experts note that better integration is being achieved than when the experts made their previous visit.
b) It was noted that a great number of documents needed for restoration of the monument (photographs, sketches, reports, etc.) made by the EFEO are not available to the new APSARA National Authority team now taking over the project.
c) Restoration of exterior staircases leading to the temple terraces is one of the most important aspects on this site. The different kinds of stone used in various positions requires close examination. Also, a further survey is required to get a clear picture of the external staircase layout.
d) Reassembly of the elevations (two towers out of three and the walls) of the east façade started in 2017, restoration of the south, north and west façades is yet to begin. Information is to be provided to the APSARA National Authority, by the EFEO and those who have long studied the Western Mebon.
e) The central island is the religious and spatial core of the temple. However, it appears that no documentation of the archaeological research is available. At this point, there is no information at all to guide the restoration work. It is therefore recommended to remedy this information blackout as soon as possible.
f) The use of concrete in the foundations is to be examined if there is no clear reason to justify its use or other new materials.
g) Now that a new architect has been put in charge, a workshop to exchange information among the stakeholders and to discuss matters involving the restoration is to be held as soon as possible.

h) In conclusion, the group is pleased to see that new operations have started.