The ad hoc group of experts appreciates the implementation of conservation measures following up on past recommendations and recommends that:
a) The APSARA National Authority take immediate measures to relocate the shops in front of the site disrupting the quiet atmosphere, taking advantage of the opportunity afforded by construction of a bypass road between the Elephant Terrace and this site, consulting the Angkor Archaeological Park land use plan.
b) Full documentation of Phase I, now being prepared, be compiled and submitted to the APSARA National Authority in a timely manner.
c) The trial finishing of newly inserted stone members be studied, and guidelines developed on how to shape stones for later use. The aesthetics and harmonization with original members must be given attention. Ways of simplifying the moldings and giving them an aged appearance, if required, should be studied.
d) Propping be put in to support the structure of the eastern gate of Temple “T”.
e) The size/shape, materials and location of the columns intended for a shelter to cover the restoration area that the Korean team plans to install be studied, considering the condition of trees on/around structural remains as well as the remains themselves.
f) The subsurface conditions be studied along the road that the Korean team plans to put in.

g) Archaeological surveys be made in/around the site that the Korean team plans to use as a stone storage area.