For many years now, the Angkor site, inscribed since 1992 on the World Heritage List, has hosted rehabilitation and conservation programs involving many monuments and their surroundings, a tremendous boon for archaeological, historical and architectural science in Cambodia as well as for the millions of national and international visitors who are coming in ever increasing numbers to enjoy the outstanding achievements of the Khmer Empire.

The significance of this site, administered by the APSARA National Authority, an outstanding example of the responsibility shouldered by the royal government of Cambodia, is worthy, given the prestige enjoyed by the site world over, that particular attention be given to maintenance work and follow-up of safeguarding and enhancement operations.

As on similar sites of exceptional universal value, Angkor Archaeological Park must be given the means necessary for regular cleaning of the roadways and lanes leading to the temples and their surroundings, for the regular clearing of vegetation off the monuments, and to monitor consolidation operations in addition to keeping an eye on the issue of tourist flows.