33TS.9 26PS



a) As in the 32nd Technical Session, the ad hoc group of experts pointed to the significance of the decision of the monk community of Siem Reap Province (CoMAPA) to remove the modern constructions dating from the second half of the 20th century which negatively impacted the historical tours, the environment and the cultural landscape of the site. It should be brought to the attention of heritage international bodies as an example of good practice.
b) The ad hoc group of experts feels that the placing of new cement statues among the historical towers should be reviewed with APSARA National Authority and be located in such a way as to avoid a visual contrast in that environment of exceptional historical quality.
c) The ad hoc group of experts recommends that the APSARA National Authority experts carry on with restoration operations in the damaged lower sections of the northwest prasat using traditional bricks and reinforcing the elevated parts to ensure preservation of maximum authenticity in the structure.