33TS.18 26PS



While satisfied with resumption of the work and its quality of execution (notably on the stepped tiers and the dikes surrounding the inner pond), it recommends:

a) archaeological surveys to be done quickly on the outer north, west and south facings to determine the possible existence and makeup of an outer step work and in the zone east of the landing as well as on the central islet;
b) requests further information on the percentage of stone replacement on the walls connecting those towers and to prepare for presentation at the next ICC the elevations of all facades with the location of new stones;
c) recalls the principle adopted by the international community to provide the APSARA National Authority with a copy of all the scientific and technical documentation relating to the previous and ongoing works on the Angkor site;
d) takes good note of the decision taken by EFEO to provide, by February 2020, a scientific report including all archaeological data collected on site from 2012 until 2016.