33TS.4 26PS


4.The Northern pond:

a) while expressing its satisfaction with the work done and action plan that was outlined on site, the group of experts recommended that the section of the pond already explored be restored using the laterite blocks still present on the site and inserting a geotextile liner when putting them back to limit the effects erosion and weathering;
b) it also recommends that a protective measure be put in place after the work is completed, with some earthwork or a simple wooden barrier to enable visitors to enjoy the pond and reflection of the towers without having to step on the blocks freshly put back in place;
c) it is further recommended to undertake similar work on the southern pond of Angkor Wat that has been studied thoroughly by EFEO archaeologists. Their publications show the quality of the steps leading down into the pond, but which now seem to have completely disappeared;
d) it is finally recommended that work continue around the edges of the pond with a progressive replanting of vegetation and thus create a green space clearly showing the layout of a laterite pedestrian access as presented.