34TS.13 27PS


13. Ta Keo Bridge:

The Ad Hoc groups of experts recommend:

13.1 reviewing previous historical/archaeological surveys on the planned construction site and surroundings and confirm that there are no archaeological remains there;

13.2 conducting a distribution survey to collect artefacts on the ground surface;

13.3 stationing archaeologists to witness surveys for excavations in foundation works, and if remains or layers with artefacts are found, take appropriate measures such as suspension of construction and investigation, and

13.4 compiling the results of the above surveys (1 to 3) and submitting it as a report, regardless of whether remains/artefacts are found or not, to the International Research and Documentation Center;

13.5 considering that the construction of the new bridge does not accelerate the riverbank erosion;

13.6 considering that the bridge would not be an obstacle for a smooth water flow in flood period;

13.7 considering that the design of the bridge be simple and inconspicuous in order to enhance the natural landscape of surrounding areas;

13.8 justifying economically (by the intensity of traffic flows) the construction of a double-track bridge; and

13.9 considering that the construction of the bridge is part of a comprehensive traffic plan of the whole Angkor site to be presented quickly to the ICC.