34TS.16 27PS


16. Master Plan of Tourist Development of Siem Reap Province:

The Ad Hoc group of experts considers that the recommendation made in 2019 is still valid. It is recommended that the APSARA National Authority:

16.1 continue or start a collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism on the development of tourism activities around Siem Reap, the city of Siem Reap and Tonle Sap Lake;

16.2 present its tourism development plan for the Angkor site and the areas under its jurisdiction to the next ICC, to be discussed and be examined on the compatibility of the plans and their positioning in relation to World Heritage values;

16.3 harmonize the proposals, and as much as possible to propose joint projects between the APSARA National Authority and the Ministry of Tourism;

16.4 The Ad Hoc group of experts asks to be provided with the entire Tourism Development Plan for Siem Reap province and not just the summary as currently, which is insufficient to express an appropriate opinion.