34TS.2 27PS


2. Structural consolidation of the Bakan tower foundation corners at Angkor Wat:

The Ad Hoc group of experts reiterates the recommendations adopted at the 32nd Technical Session of the ICC-Angkor*;
and recommends:

2.1. setting up an alternative itinerary for visitors for security reasons;

2.2. building up a scaffolding that covers all the intervention area;

2.3. finalizing all measured drawings and structural analysis of the tower showing accurately risk areas in order to validate the forthcoming partial dismantling work of stone blocks;

2.4. preparing a storage area for dismantled blocks so that they can be cleaned and numbered.

As previously recommended, the intervention must be minimalist only inserting new blocks where there are gaps during reassembly.

Nonetheless, the Ad Hoc group of experts express its concern at the condition and bearing capacity of the underground soil and of the foundations supporting the upper structural load.

Based on the experiences and knowledge of the Angkor site, the Ad Hoc group of experts worries that differential settlements appear without sufficient bearing capacity. It is thereby recommended to request the full-time help of an engineer specialising in conservation of antique structures.