34TS.3 27PS


3. Restoration of four columns of Preah Poan Gallery at Angkor Wat:

The Ad Hoc group of experts for conservation validates on principle the suggested intervention method apart from using metal reinforcements.

The Ad Hoc group of experts requests a more detailed structural study of the lowering of the load with calculation of the weight in order to make sure that:

3.1. the consolidation using stainless steel bars will be able to take in the load supported by these columns (the cause of the damage could also originate from high compression ratio for this type of stone). Only horizontal bars are planned to be used which are better fit to consolidate the veneer rather than supporting the vertical loads;

3.2. the damage does not also come from parasite pressures of the vaults of the gallery that also seem to display some damage (thrust stresses);

3.3. the soils of the ground course are in good conditions. In case they were not, this could be one of the causes of the damage. If they are in good condition, it means that the reason column veneers have split is due from too strong compression forces or from parasite pressures.