34TS.4 27PS


4. Restoration of a wooden door leaf at Bakan Gallery, Angkor Wat Temple:

The Ad Hoc group of experts having taken note of the bad state of conservation of this door leaf and its storage in bad conditions for a long time since its discovery considers important and urgent to start a restoration of this movable testimony coming from the Bakan gallery of the site of Angkor Wat.

The exact consolidation techniques to be adopted will be first subjected to trials and framed by an intervention framework.

The Ad Hoc group of experts gives its agreement for the process of restoration as submitted and recommends that, at each of the 8 steps foreseen in the project submission, a detailed documentation be recorded.

The Ad Hoc group of experts draws the attention of the conservators to pay great attention to the cleaning and fixing the “small thousand buddhas sitting on the lotus petal relief by horizontal and vertical in line throughout the front surface”.

The Ad Hoc group of experts further recommends that a report be submitted to the ICC technical meeting before the moving of the historical door leaf be stored in the APSARA National Authority’s Museum.