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6. Restoration of three Buddhas at Bakan Gallery, Angkor Wat Temple:

The Ad Hoc group of experts having carefully examined this important project recommends to make additional studies about the discovery of theses statues, their previous state of conservation and to see if there are more articles defining the possible date of execution of these statues.

It is recommended to give them a number for the catalogue of objects as they are not numbered and there is no mention of a possible transfer into a laboratory.

The Ad Hoc group of experts recommends also making further analysis on the material used, as we have identified four elements: Sandstone, lacquer, mortar and polychromy.

The Ad Hoc group of experts would like to remind the Team of Conservators that conservation of outdoor stone sculpture is particularly challenging because of the uncontrollable forces of the outdoor environment and of human activity. Exposed to these conditions, treatment solutions must be chemically stable, durable and reversible.

As it is a very delicate operation on sculptures which are in a bad state of conservation, it is recommended to APSARA National Authority to organize as soon as possible a workshop with a number of specialists of stone conservation, locals and internationals, (but not more than 5 to 7 experts for example from ICCROM and ICOMOS) and to discuss the methodology proposed and have it adopted after further detailed discussion.

The Ad Hoc group of experts would be ready to study the outcome of the workshop at the next session of the ICC Technical meeting in order to speed up the starting of the cleaning and the physical protection from rain and dust.