34TS.7 27PS


7. Ta Kav gate:

7.1. As the investigations and studies are still ongoing, we can only advise on the proposed restoration scheme including gathering historical and archaeological documentation on the gate and implementing overall site inventory and condition surveys, stone inventory, etc. The Ad Hoc group of experts thereby validates this principle.

7.2. As for the forthcoming work and restoration project, the guidance made in June 2020 and mentioned here under are still valid.

*It is advised to finalize the technical and philosophical aspects of the restoration project of this gate for next December session, so that complete assessment of the principle and of the planned restoration methods and techniques can be made. Remotely, it remains difficult to advise on the project and tree conservation issues, although the following principle can be followed: In case the trees have negative impacts on the monument stability, knowing that visitation is high in this area, it could be planned to partially cut some of them as long as this is part of an overall structural project.

A site visit is recommended at the next session.