35TS.2 28PS


2. Preah Ko Temple

The ad hoc experts group was able to see the progress of the work carried out on the eastern enclosure and the gate giving access to the Preah Ko temple, attributed to King Indravarman dating from the late 9th century, and considered the first Khmer temple by some researchers.
They also found that the entrance to the temple, which was often obstructed by the lack of rainwater drainage, has been completely rehabilitated and its access has been made much easier for all visitors.
a) The ad hoc experts group recommends not to reuse window columns if there is no proof of their original location.
b) They support the proposal of the APSARA National Authority (ANA) experts to preserve the traces on the ground of Buddhist terraces and their enclosure.
c) They recommend regular inspection of stucco decorations that have undergone careful restoration by the German Apsara Conservation Project (GACP).
d) In addition, it recommends regularly reviewing the shoring of the Northwest Tower through the acquisition of a mobile aerial device that could be used for all maintenance work in Angkor Park.