35TS.1 28PS


1. Ta Prohm Temple (ASI)

The ad hoc experts group expresses its satisfaction with the progress of the restoration work of the Eastern Gopura of the temple, noting that the deadlines for completion had not been strongly affected by the two years of pandemic.
A treatment of the new blocks inserted both at the pilasters and the walls was carried out according to the recommendations of the group of experts to differentiate the original stone blocks.
In addition, the group of experts was able to see the conclusion of operations carried out in the building bearing the name of “Hall of Dancers” which is one of the major attractions of the central part of the Ta Prohm. The hall originally owes its name to several lintels of doors still in place and which display remarkable apsara decorations.
The ad hoc group of experts welcomed the successful conclusion of the operations that have led to very significant archaeological discoveries, including that of the two Buddha statues, which have now been put back in its original place.
a) The experts recommend for the finishing work on a section of the vault where the juxtaposition between old and new blocks needs to be less contrasted. In this regard, it is proposed to review the grouting of the reconstructed vault footings, so as not to change the dimensions of the feature, which gives the impression of a mosaic structure.
b) They recommend that the project be accompanied by an upgrading of the road from the Gopura base by creating steps and gutter for rainwater drainage.
c) For the eastern entrance of the “Hall of Dancers”, it was recommended to restore the verticality of a sagging pillar to ensure the statics of this space.