35TS.12 28PS


12 Access for disabled persons

The ad hoc experts group recommends:
a) it is understood that there is now a need now to give as much access as possible to persons with reduced mobility, but it must be acknowledged that such ramps would have a major impact on esthetics, especially for the proposed access on the northeast side, nearly three meters high;
b) it is therefore proposed to think first in terms of the overall site, developing a plan that takes such ramps into account with the rest of the pathways, and to see whether both accesses are necessary based on the number of visitors concerned, or if a single access may be sufficient with a subsequent pathway development;
c) it is also proposed to rework the proposed project using a lighter ramp base combining metal for the load-bearing structure and railing and wood for the floor so that the overall effect is esthetically lighter and less conspicuous;
d) it is also requested, if the project on the northeast side is still underway, to investigate installing a lift on buried pylons of which the lower part would have a limited visual impact on the terrace walls.