35TS.15 28PS


15 Lolei Temple:

The ad hoc experts group recommends:
a) regarding excavations: after surveying and consolidating the remains uncovered, the excavations must carefully tarpaulined to keep water out pending a decision on the future of the site. An additional east-west excavation towards the towers will be made to ascertain the initial ground levels in relation to the findings made earlier by the EFEO at the base of the towers;
b) regarding operations: those carried out on the two northern towers do not require any comment, while those of the southern towers call for these observations: The southwest tower will be reinforced by an internal metal device. The south tower is too damaged and will be consolidated as is without restoring its elevations;
c) a temporary covered work site will be put in for storing and consolidating the high-quality artefacts taken down, such as the lintels on the east and south facades and the south stone gate. An urgent consolidation intervention is needed on the detached facings of those structures containing significant epigraphic records and sculpture work;
d) regarding the overall presentation of the temple: it is now necessary to devise a plan that brings the monastic community into the picture, considering all the historical data as well as the strong desire to continue using the temple as a place of worship;
e) consideration of the above will include the need to set up a place (lapidarium) on the site to exhibit the statuary and artefacts that cannot be put back in their original position, such as lintels and doors, linking them with the towers where they once stood.
Once that project has been completed, it is then recommended that an upcoming ICC session decide regarding the future of the vestiges found, the ground levels of the platform, enclosure walls, etc.