35TS.16 28PS


16. Bat Chhum Temple:

For restoration operations on this minor temple consisting of three brick towers, which have been carried out by an ANA’s team since 2019, in good conditions, the ad hoc experts recommend:
a) for the grouting, the group of experts asks for a repointing with the addition of brick powder to be used overall, as is the case in most old structures;
b) for the replacement of bricks: it is hoped that the fitting of the bricks, after conservation of the old bricks and replacement of those that are missing or damaged will preserve as much as possible the traditional alternating installation of stretchers and headers, in order to avoid any risk of cracking, even if this means conserving fewer broken bricks;
c) for the supply of bricks: in view of the large number of brick structures to be replaced on both the Angkor and Sambor Prei Kuk sites, and the long delays in obtaining such materials for which only one brickyard seems to have survived, the group of experts proposes that ANA consider the advisability of creating its own brickworks. This would make it possible to obtain bricks of various formats, as is found on the temples, or more or less fired as is also found;
d) for putting back the lintel of the east door of the south tower: this lintel weighs approximately 3.3 tons and can only be put back after confirming the stability of the door.