35TS.23 28PS


23. Bayon Temple:

First of all, the ad hoc group of experts pays tribute to the steady progress of conservation and restoration activities, despite the two years of Covid-19 pandemic challenges.
The restoration project in the northeastern part, which is being led by the Waseda University (Tokyo) team, is proceeding smoothly.
However, the findings obtained from the dismantling at the southwest corner of the third terrace (for example, the results of the ground bearing capacity surveys) have not yet been compiled.
Based on these, the ad hoc group of experts recommends:
a) that the scientific knowledge obtained in the southwest corner of the third terrace be immediately summarized,
b) to use the above knowledge in the restoration plan of the corners not yet restored,
c) to continue to study the internal structure and drainage system of the entire Bayon, and
d) to define how carving, chiseling, and/or decorative details will be restored and/or simplified on new stones.