35TS.24 28PS


24. Ta Kav Gate:

The ad hoc group of experts would like to pay tribute to the careful work that has been carried out under the challenging situation of two years.
In particular, the stabilization of the structure by partial dismantling and reassembly, and the proper cleaning of trees that caused collapse, was correctly verified.
However, the ad hoc group of experts pointed out some important issues in restoration.
The faces of the three-headed elephant on the northwest side and the Buddha face on the gate were restored and rebuilt. Regarding the pros and cons of restoration/reconstruction, there are points to be discussed including the questions whether the recovery of the missing portion is necessary or not and whether the recovered form (especially the restoration on the northwest side) is appropriate or not.
In accordance with the Nara document on Authenticity (1994), the accuracy of the underlying information is mentioned as an important criterion to examine authenticity. That idea should be applied rigorously to the restoration of these missing parts by adding new stones.
Based on the foregoing, the ad hoc group of experts recommends as follows:
a) when restoring the defective part, carefully consider the pros and cons of restoration,
b) when performing restoration, consider matters based on examination of the style, investigation of similar cases, etc.,
c) such studies involve experts and specialists in various fields,
d) after ensuring the stability of the structure, perform appropriate waterproofing on the upper part of the remains.