35TS.25 28PS


25. Prohm Kel Temple:

The project approved and implemented so far involved searching through and inventorying collapsed blocks scattered over the ground, the archaeological excavation of the building foundations to ascertain the stability of the support surface and to look for either possible buried stones or additional structures of perishable materials around the complex.
The proposed method for dismantling and reassembling the section of the structure that is at risk of collapse seems to be acceptable in view of the study presented and the extensive research carried out on the technique of positioning the blocks, for which an approach based on astronomical order has been identified, the lines of which have been located carved both horizontally and vertically on the blocks.
The ad hoc group of experts for conservation recommends that archaeological research be extended, notably with a view to gathering all possible information on the hospital chapels, once wooden buildings, of which the first traces of beds joined by iron elements have been identified.