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26. Rehabilitation of the historical axis of Phnom Bakheng:

Due to its topographical location on top of a hill, the Phnom Bakheng temple-mountain (9th century) located between Angkor Wat Temple and the City of Angkor Thom, is traditionally a major point of attraction in Angkor Park since it is possible to enjoy from its summit a panoramic view of the main monument complexes of the park (particularly at sunrise).
This landscape, which is also in an interesting natural setting due to the presence of an ancient canal, two ancient ponds and a rather intact vegetation cover, is further enhanced by the project developed by ANA which aims to make fully usable the longitudinal axis of the sanctuary space, identified both by the median topographical location and by the remains of an ancient bridge.
At present, what must be taken foremost into consideration is the project as a model of the harmonious integration of the natural and cultural aspects of the site and as an opportunity to develop a space for “meditation” or “festivities”.
The ad hoc expert group recommends reviewing the location of shops, car parking lots and toilets and harmonizing them with the new context envisaged.