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6 Ceiling of the Gallery of the Churning of the Sea of Milk

It is found that the decorative detail proposed by the WMF was designed on the basis of an original wooden fragment kept at the Guimet Museum and identified as part of a study carried out by Dr. Olivier Cunin.
Also, the WMF focused on creating a wooden ceiling that faithfully reproduces this pattern, but without engraving it in the slightest detail, as recommended to it.
The ad hoc experts group recommends:
1) reconsidering the scope of the project so that the wooden ceiling covers only a short section of the gallery at its end;
2) accepting the WMF’s proposal to choose a quality wood that has been dried appropriately, thus protecting it from ambient moisture and possible cracking, by applying a lead sheet on its inner face;
3) installing a net in the ceiling to keep the wood and the gallery free of bat droppings;
4) finally, adding a batch of finials to the roof of the gallery, using fragments found near the structure and models of which were presented by the WMF.