35TS.8 28PS


8 Northeast Tower

The work is focusing on the lower area of the tower and especially on the carved decors of apsaras, that are presenting strong alteration with flaking of the carved area and ripping off of some part of them. For these, Professor Hans Leisen (GACP) suggests consolidation work of these bas-reliefs with cleaning, desalination, and re-plating. A discussion has opened on the opportunity to rather proceed with a “strappo technique”, but the fragility and deformation of these bas-reliefs as well as their supports are such that this solution makes GACP fear a multiple breakage of their structure.
a) Considering the quality of the work previously carried out on both the stone and stucco facings by the GACP team and the experience gained, the group of experts agrees with this consolidation solution and draws the team’s attention to the need control the gravitational flow of water on these structures.
b) The group recommends that operations resume as soon as possible to dismantle any scaffolding that can already be partially removed in the upper parts, while of course ensuring that water is kept out of the structures.
c) Finally, it recommends that detailed documen-tation be provided to ANA, at the conclusion of these painstaking, valuable operations and that a monitoring and maintenance protocol be developed.