7. Monitoring of hydraulic systems in the archaeological structures

Recommendations for the rehabilitation of the barays:

  • Flooding of the baray at Preah Khan, but favoring flooding the baray to its original level rather than raising the dikes.
  • Rehabilitate the eastern baray through landscaping, including landscaping the banks.
  • Increase the capacity of the western baray, but ensuring preventive excavations are conducted first.
  • Apply the same treatment for the baray at Lolei than for the western baray, i.e. landscaping.

Regarding the moats and canals, rehabilitation and flooding are recommended, taking into account historical consistency.

Regarding the stability of the monuments, the group thinks detailed programming is essential, taking into account the soil stratigraphy, soil characteristics, water table measurements, compression measurements, theoretical analysis of the impact of water on the foundations and the monuments, and the relationship between the barays and the groundwater under the monuments.