1. The need to articulate the main lines for intervention, even maybe an “Angkor Charter”, was highlighted. Such an initiative has already received the support of the Cambodian authorities. This roadmap cannot be drafted “a priori”. It must be the result of an in-depth consultation process and experience sharing involving all the teams working at Angkor. As much as possible, it should attempt to:

    a) Balance the following imperatives:
    i) Guarantee the safety of the structure as well as that of visitors;
    ii) Preserve the monument while maintaining its authenticity;
    iii) Clearly define the monument’s purpose; i.e. establish the role assigned to heritage in the world today;

    b) Embrace technical diversity in the interventions;

    c) Empower each team and analyse all the methods used;

    d) Make all data, technical discoveries and information on planned restoration activities available.