Restoration work on the Angkor Wat West causeway-dike:

The group of experts recommends first of all that some borings be done in the internal section of the causeway in order to determine the condition of the fill and of the blocks making up the lower layers and only then consider the advisability of doing any dismantling of the entire causeway wall.

Given the complexity of such an operation, the experts group recommends that a structural engineer be immediately added to the team in charge of the project.

Moreover, they recommend that a project with more than one option for the restoration of this part of the causeway be submitted to them at the ICC-Angkor’s next session in December 2016, prior to any dismantling work on the central part of the landing being undertaken. The dismantling operation itself must proceed on the basis of a duly justified and validated decision.

Meanwhile, the test borings recommended in the inner part of the causeway should be carried out and the results thereof used as justification for the one option selected for the project, taking into consideration the cost implications and implementation schedule.