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8. Bayon 3rd Terrace:

With reference to the long-term scientific research by JASA team as well as the proposed conservation plan of the 3rd Terrace, the Ad Hoc group of experts :

8.1. requests to clarify the original, current and estimated route of water, by considering the influence from the central tower, as it is fundamental information to examine preventive measures;

And recommends :

8.2. minimizing the area of dismantling;

8.3. investigating the internal structure in parallel with dismantling, surveying not only the laid layers but also the state of laterite block supporting. Additionally, necessary consolidation must be conducted, replacing within the range that does not reduce authenticity;

8.4. considering measures to protect internal structures exposed during the term of dismantling;

8.5. making a plan to proceed with dismantling and restoration safely and efficiently;

8.6. examining material used for joint among paving stones. The nature of the materiel, where it holds repellence or permeability to avoid waterlogging on the floor, might have a profound effect on the overall plan of water management, i.e. treatment of waterproof layer under paving stones, water gradient;

8.7. reconsidering using stainless steel bars on stones to reinforce the walls. This will create cracks due to thermal expansion/shrinkage and cause fracture by internal pressure;

8.8. conducting mechanical examination with structural calculation which is required before installing scaffoldings into the lower parts of the terraces; and

8.9. establishing the framework of expertise exchange and monitoring such as periodical web meetings or something effective with stakeholders i.e. the Waseda Team or UNESCO Phnom Penh before starting the works. In case it cannot be established, the ad hoc experts strongly recommend starting only the actual work after containment of the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Until in-person exchange by experts becomes possible, the Ad Hoc group of experts recommend conducting detailed monitoring and documentation of the preliminary works in this corner, which will ultimately contribute to the restoration of the entire terrace.