27TS.7 23PS


7. Angkor Wat: Causeway dike:

In view of the present situation and potential dramatic consequences if nothing changes, the experts recommend the following:

7.1. Clearly identify along the entire length of the façade the different historical sequences of construction and reconstruction of the structure.

7.2 Complete the test pit excavation on the inner backfill of the causeway in order to have one test pit corresponding to each span and to identify the differences in composition and state of decay.

7.3. An expert engineer must be brought in urgently to study, for each span, the different technical consolidation options best suited for the different situations encountered, keeping in mind that minimum intervention is the overarching principle, and that these options may use different technical approaches:

– Stabilization of the façade wall using deep anchorages without any dismantling.
– Partial disassembly and reassembly of portions of the wall too much deformed to be consolidated as they are.
– Underpinning of the façade wall.
– Consolidation of the inner backfill and masonry by injection of mortar.
– Extraction of any inner backfill of poor quality and replacement with backfill that can be strengthened with geotextile and geogrid.

7.4. In order to save on the cost of pumping out water, divide the present cofferdam into several sections corresponding to the different spans identified on the causeway dike and then phase in the work site, working from one section to the next.