29TS.19 24PS


19. Tourism Management Plan follow-up:

1. Encourages the Tourism Department of the APSARA National Authority to continue the ongoing operations aiming at a better understanding of the clientele and its habits (tracking, pictures, questionnaires…);

2. Encourages the Tourism Department to continue its organizational efforts, to work on the implementation of management charts and a genuine lifelong learning policy in order to make the structure more efficient;

3. Encourages APSARA National Authority to reflect on the modeling of the actions the Tourism Department planned (M&E, program, training, staff progression);

4. Reiterates the necessity for the Tourism Department to contribute to the development of joint actions with other departments of the APSARA National Authority as well as with Angkor Enterprise in order to develop a digitalized ticketing system;

5. Recommends to urgently developing a tourist situation diagnostic as a prerequisite for the establishment of a strategy focused on 2 or 3 major objectives developed with specific actions.