29TS.3 24PS


3. Angkor Wat: Ceiling of the Churning of the Sea of Milk Gallery:

Looking at the most recent project accomplishments and details provided by the WMF (World Monuments Fund) team, the ad hoc group of experts:

a) Commends the WMF for the quality studies and tests it has made and thanks it for its perseverance in fine-tuning this especially sensitive project in terms of integration in one of the most meaningful locations in the Angkor Wat temple,

b) Repeats its only previous recommendation, number 5, on the need to work with the APSARA National Authority, to study and develop as soon as possible a project execution timeline,

c) Invites the ICC-Angkor to approve the finalized project submitted to it prior to execution,

d) Asks to be included very regularly in the project rollout through site visits and follow-up meetings.